The Comfort Room

When I first used “My Comfort Room” as a “signature” in one social networking site, they would always ask me WHY? Here’s the reason why.

1. When I am lonely or sad or just want to cry, I often go my bathroom, look at myself in the mirror, cry then sit on the toilet bowl and stare, make figures out of the marble walls of my bathroom, while listening to the music on my phone. It was comforting. It was my haven.

2. Then, I grew up, became a nurse and what makes me feel more comfortable aside from number one, listening to the rain or reading a really good book, is working in what I call my haven today, my comfort room, the intensive care unit. This is was my clinical nursing blog but then I decided to delete my personal blog and make this my nursing blog and personal + travel + food + etc. blog all in one which goes to number 3 reason.

3. Since I got married and started raising kids, I realized that my comfort room is not my ICU anymore. Of course it will always be my first love but then my FAMILY is now MY COMFORT ROOM. Our home is my comfort room. Spending time with them, listening to my kids, sharing stories, cooking for them, travelling and exploring the world with them is now my comfort room.

This blog is dedicated to all the students of nursing and the fellow colleagues out there because I believe that learning is a continuous process. I will still share my nursing  experiences but most of the posts will include my family and what we do.

I am now a part time nurse, full time wife and mother of two beautiful kids.

The Girl in Blue Scrub Suit.


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