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Annual Red Sands Adventure

You have not been to Riyadh if you haven’t visited the Red Sands. 
The place was coined as Red Sands due to its reddish orange hue of sand dunes. Located approximately 45 minutes from the city center, Red Sands can be reached by car. A 4×4 pick up truck or SUV is recommended if you happen to love extreme adventures. 

It was the 13 th of Januay when we visited Red Sands again. Its my kids second time to be there. The first time we went there was when they were both months old. We didn’t get to ride ATVs or what other people call as quad bikes. This year was my first time going with my husband’s staff. They rented a van and an SUV and the rest rode with us. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. The van was too small, the other car that’s supposed to come with us cancelled due to a lover’s quarrel, more staff was present and the boys who will be riding with us took the SUV. So we ended up filling our small car with four ladies

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On being optimistic and starting challenges

Last week I attended our weekly leadership meeting together with other members of the Nursing Department. We do this meeting and present different topics at least every two weeks to be able to share ideas, experience to our colleagues. There was nothing new last week except for the fact that Mr. Mark is the speaker and I love listening to him, the topic was on personal development but during the lecture I was do touched that I had to start blogging again.

He told us that we should all be positive thinkers because if we come to work and think negatively we tend to influence the people around us. I was touched in a very personal way because as we all know that by this time of the year, the country where I am working, Saudi Arabia is in an economic crisis. I’ve posted several complaints in Facebook about the fees or taxes to be collected and how it is unfair for us since we have been working our asses off while the locals are just coming to work, sitting, playing in their iPhone 7, etc. While I was listening to him, it was actually a massive impact telling me “It did not hit us yet!” so why fret? The company did not collect fees yet. Our company is not even asking us to leave. The only thing our company asked was to help them cut the costs by not hiring new staff nurses. We are in a very chaotic economic crisis but we are still indeed lucky as compared to government hospitals and construction firms. After the lecture I decided to do something this 2017. I decided to be more optimistic and to enjoy the gifts and blessings we have been receiving.

First, I started to document out family adventures in Facebook. I created a page wherein all our pictures will be posted. Any picture from our family like going to park, eating in a new restaurant, going out to new places, etc. I will fix it and make it “better” during the vacation.

Second, I started reading again and dedicated myself to a 2017 Book Reading Challenge. I decided to finalize at least 24 books (which I don’t know if I can read for the whole year but who knows?) and kept it open if I wanted to add more books. I also decided to document all the things I’ve read in either Instagram or Facebook and will use the hashtag #comfortlibrary. I hope I’d be successful in this and I might do it again next year.

Third, I started the customized 52 week challenge. I’m making it a 12 month challenge for me and my husband. The money will go to our travel fund. (We are planning to go Japan on 2018 and US on 2019.)

Fourth, I re-started this blog again. Deleted the old posts and started with this new post. I also added a family bucket list which I did not finish yet. I will be asking hubby to add ideas (which includes me in a zipline!).

Fifth, I will also be doing a coloring challenge. Maybe at least  coloring pages every year or one every two months.

So this is like my New Year’s Resolution. Let’s all be optimistic and challenge ourselves this year.