Customized 52 Week Challenge

This year me and my husband wanted to proceed with the “52 Week Challenge” that we started sometime in 2014 or 2015 but didn’t get to finish it. So, we decided to start and finish it. The total collection will go to our Travel Fund. We were planning a lot of trips for 2018 until 2020 (before we go for final exit) so this will be a good start for us. I will open a new bank account where we can deposit the money and never touch it. So it’ll just be there in the bank sleeping for the next 3 years.

Month Jonathan Katrina
January 100 100
February 200 200
March 300 300
April 400 400
May 500 500
June 600 600
July 700 700
August 800 800
September 900 900
October 1000 1000
November 1100 1100
December 1200 1200
2017 TOTAL 7800 7800



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